Umbraco upgrade and frontend enhancements to our website

We have had our responsive website live for a couple of years now and hence have gathered enough business intelligence to establish what was working well for us and what could we improve on to provide an even better user experience on our website.

Here's a list of everything that has changed on the website:

  • Upgraded to Umbraco V7.6.3
  • Reviewed security measures in light of GDPR compliance.
  • Updated main menu for easier navigation, both on desktops and mobile
  • Updates to header and added new reduce-height-on-scroll functionality
  • New icons for all our services
  • Replaced home page carousel with a company objective box and added featured box section to showcase what's new every month
  • Added google's recaptcha to filter spam enquiries
  • New template for 'Our process' page
  • New template for 'Our clients' page
  • Updated template for 'Our blog'

We hope you like the refreshed website and will be more than delighted to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback on it. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Amit 22 Aug 2017