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Sphere Estates is now live

Robin 18 Dec 2015

The new Sphere Estates website is now live. Following the management buyout of Abercrombie and Kent International Estates, the new Sphere Estates website is a quick re-branding of the old site. The new site can be found at

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Excelerated Sourcing

Robin 12 Aug 2015

Excelerated Sourcing have approach Altitude to help them understand Umbraco better and to implement new designs for their website.

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Dates & Times in SQL

Robin 14 Jul 2014

It is very easy for people new to SQL to get caught out by dates that contain times, e.g. the getdate() function which returns the current date and time. For example a travel company might have a Booking table with a column BookingDate which just contains the date (not time) that a booking was made.

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