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Sphere Estates is now live

Robin 18 Dec 2015

The new Sphere Estates website is now live. Following the management buyout of Abercrombie and Kent International Estates, the new Sphere Estates website is a quick re-branding of the old site. The new site can be found at

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Excelerated Sourcing

Robin 12 Aug 2015

Excelerated Sourcing have approach Altitude to help them understand Umbraco better and to implement new designs for their website.

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How To Clear CSS Float

Amit 3 Nov 2014

If you have ever worked with CSS float, I am absolutely sure you have experienced the interesting and sometimes strange effects it has on the content that follows. In this post I have summarised different ways to clear CSS floats along with some helpful tips for older versions of IE.

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Apache SOLR in .NET Applications

Ines 27 Aug 2014

In one of our latest projects there was a need to implement a full-text search engine. We had several search requirements such as filtering by categories, searching near a given location and, of course, searching for a specific keyword. We already had experience using Lucene.Net so we chose to use Apache Solr, which uses the Lucene library to provide fast searches and full-text indexation to give better performance.

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Client Certificates for Dummies

Nick 18 Aug 2014

Over the years we have written a number of secure web systems for clients that require client user authentication. The technically ideal pattern for this is a "Multi Factor Authentication" (MFA) model.

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