EMX Trading InterfaceErmitage Asset Management

Prior to the commencement of the project, Ermitage's operational processes were designed to manage relatively few high value transactions manually. However with the signing of a new client who planning on providing numerous lower value transactions, it was necessary to automate the process significantly.

Altitude's brief was to create an electronic trading interface for their new client such that their deals were loaded automatically into their trading systems using "straight-through processing".

The solution involved the creation of a centralised trading hub for their electronic trading through the use of the EMX messaging platform. EMX is currently one of Europe's leading fund message platforms.

Altitude were responsible for the integration of 3rd party FIX gateway (used to communicate with EMX) and the necessary interfaces into and out of Ermitage's trading system. This involved creating automated process that directly injected trading information into the system databases without the need to access the trading system's screens.

In addition, we created a new automated bank reconciliation module which matched up SWIFT messages with data in the internal databases.

The project was delivered successfully within the required timescales having been subject to rigourous accreditation by EMX.

  • Technologies
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Opalis Integration Server
  • Microsoft System Orchestrator