Responsive Confirmation EmailEuropcar

Just 6 months after the successful completion of 'Responsive Newsletter Emails' project, Europcar commissioned Altitude again to build another responsive email template - their shiny new confirmation email template.

With this new responsive email template however, it was evident that the design team at Europcar had put more thought into creating reusable components instead of one big email template. The benefits of this modular approach were three-fold:

  1. It enabled the design team to keep the complexities to a minimum.
  2. It enabled the team at Altitude to deliver this template in chunks as and when they were ready.
  3. Europcar were able to cherry-pick the modules and customise the email template as required, without the need of a developer.

This, along with lessons and experience gained from the previous project, helped the team at Altitude ensure a swift delivery of this project both on schedule and under budget.

Another happy client.

  • Project delivered: October 2016
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  • Industry: Travel
  • Technologies
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Litmus

We are really pleased with the build of both templates and from my end it has been a pleasure working with you!

Tim Desouza, Europcar