Finance Backoffice SystemLowcost Travel Group

Lowcost identified the need for a backoffice system to support, and improve on, the current system processes and functionality of their existing backoffice systems for lowcostbeds and lowcostholidays.

Whilst much of the functionality was available in the existing system, it was not geared up to the size of organisation like Lowcost.  There were also many operational processes that were not supported.

Altitude were contracted to develop a desktop application to work alongside the existing backoffice system to completely supercede and improve the functionality.  This application pulls data directly from the main database and feeds updates back in using XML files to ensure that the booking system remains as the up-to-date and consistent source system.

The backoffice functionality provided in our system includes:

  • Trade receipt allocation
  • Allocated, pre-allocated and unallocated supplier payments
  • Automated remittance generation
  • Trade credit control
  • Automated supplier statement checking and processing
  • Semi-automated un-screen supplier statement checking
  • Write-offs
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Export to Accounts System
  • Finance-oriented reporting
  • Technologies
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft System Orchestrator
  • MS Excel

If only our other software provider could work like Altitude, we would not be in such an abysmal mess!

- Anonymous Senior Manager