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The Journal receives a large number of manuscripts from authors wishing to publish their research. As a peer-review Journal, it is necessary for all of the manuscripts to be reviewed by experts in the field of orthopaedics.

The OrthoDox project was conceived to automate a significant part of the paper submission process. Authors are able to submit their manuscripts online by following a series of screens leading them through the process. They can leave and return to the screens any time during the submission process.
Once submitted and approved, the manuscripts are distributed to the reviewers who are also able to read them online and submit their reviews using OrthoDox.

The new system has helped to simplify the whole process by removing the need to communicate and pass documents using desktop email systems.

Since launch, a number of enhancements have been applied to OrthoDox and the back-office application, OrthoBase, including functionality to support on-screen editing of papers throughout the production process.

In 2012, the site was re-branded to Bone and Joint Journal (original Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery).

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The team have delivered the project in a timely, professional manner and to an exceptionally high quality.

- Emma Vodden, Editorial Production Manager