Ongoing IntegrationTradeRiver Finance

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As the TradeRiver trading platforms evolves Altitude have been instrumental in integrating the platform with other third party service providers.

Interfaces development is still ongoing. Data is currently being exchanged with 3rd parties to ensure:

  • Correct company data is provided during user registration
  • Correct user information is entered during the registration process
  • Correct and current foreign currency exchange rates are used in financial transactions
  • Data entered by clients is updated in the TraderRiver CRM

Interfaces to 3rd parties are via Web Services, Web API's and direct API's provided by individual vendors.

Interfaces out of the platform have also been implemented using ScribeOnline.


  • Technologies
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • CRM Dynamics
  • Web Services
  • Web API
  • ScribeOnline