Our Process

We have been continually refining our "Five D's" development process since 2006 and continually look at industry best practice in order to improve our processes and get the best out of our team.



In order to create a successful solution, we need get to know your business and the key project stakeholders. We work closely with you to understand what and whose problem(s) you are trying to solve and to build a shared understanding of your requirements.

We normally start with a kick-off meeting where the project objectives and deliverables are restated.  We will agree the development process and understand operational dependencies.

It is also important to look at how the system fits into the bigger picture and identify any technology challenges, interfaces with external systems and out-of-scope functionality.



The Define phase utilises all of the insights gathered in the Discover phase in the Information Architecture process which seeks to create a functional definition of the system to be built.  Typically this will involve the creation of Wireframes (which define template structure, features, functionality and key content messages) and a corresponding Functional Definition.

Where the system utilises a Content Management System (CMS), we will define the content structure and the detailed processes for interfacing with the external systems and/or databases.

Another important stage of the Define phase is the creation of User Stories through User Story Mapping.  A User Story is a tool in Agile software development to capture a description of a software feature, from an end-user perspective.

The User Stories will also be prioritised and each story will include Acceptance Criteria so that we can provide reassurance that the functionality works.



Once the final creative brief has been signed off, we will commence the Design phase, where we apply identity, interaction and interface design principles to develop look and feel concepts that meet business, brand and usability objectives.

We will explore design concept routes and, once a route is selected, apply this design to all the pages identified in the wireframes so that the site can be visualised in pictures.



We will deliver a well-architected, scalable and flexible system and we use the best software tools available to deliver these quality solutions.

We build our software using an Agile approach, which involves splitting the prioritised User Stories into a series of 'Sprints'.  The aim is for each Sprint to deliver functionality at the end of each cycle.  A cycle is typically 1-2 weeks in duration.

As we develop the software we will use our automated build processes to add the new functionality to the User Acceptance environment where you will be able to see the functionality grow.

The end of the Develop phase is when all the signed off software has been deployed to the live environment.



Once the system is in, we don’t desert you. We offer a 30-day warranty period and will fix any issues with planned features free of charge.

During this period, we will continue to provide you with training and support as you get to know the system better.

Following the warranty period, we can continue to support the system to keep it in tip-top condition. All you need to do is tell us what level of support you need.

We provide an online ticket system to keep track of and prioritise all issues and changes.