Back Office Automation

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Organisations can make significant tangible savings by identifying and automating manual or semi-manual system/data administration processes. We can build the back office automation systems that, once implemented, allows you to focus your staff on more productive tasks.

Below are different areas and examples of processes that can be automated.

Workflow Automation

Often there are various manual processes in the office, usually in the form of a workflow between personnel and other software systems.  More often than not, these are generally rather inefficient and prone to human error.  The automation (or semi-automation) of these business processes can produce significant savings and an improvement in the timeliness and quality of the results.

We at Altitude have a great deal of experience working with Microsoft's System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH - formerly Opalis Integration Server) to create automated system administration processes for our clients. 

Automation we have worked on in the past includes:

  • Credit Card statement reconciliation
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Automatic supplier invoice processing
  • System process sequencing
  • Data extraction for importing into accounting systems
  • Automated batching and submission of bank payments
  • System monitoring

Our Automation Technology

Altitude have got a huge amount of experience working with system/process automation software.  In particular, we specialise in:

  • Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 (SCORCH)
  • Opalis Integration Server v6.3

Opalis was taken over by Microsoft and renamed System Orchestrator.  It is an extremely flexible and powerful tool with a GUI to allow you to setup and configure sophisticated workflow processes.