Software Development

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One of the key aspects of software development is ensuring that the system as a whole is based on a robust architecture. This is necessary to ensure that the system is easy to maintain and scalable as the business grows.

Whether you need a highly functional web application, a technology partner on a long-term project, or just a simple website, we can help.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Unlike a lot of software agencies these days, we don't use generic templates for an application.  We really believe "one size does not fit all" and hence provide custom software solutions using the Microsoft .NET platform and the Agile development methodology to deliver high quality software, faster and better.

We have built bespoke back office systems for various clients including a Paper Management system for The Bone & Joint Journal and a comprehensive finance operations back office system for the Finance department at Lowcost Travel Group.

Systems Integration

As the name suggests, Systems Integration involves ensuring that computer systems are able to interact with third-party software seamlessly with sufficient validations to minimise errors.

We are well-versed in the art of systems integration, such as building websites around existing third-party booking engines by integrating web pages or utilising APIs. 

In addition we also have experience in the off-line extraction of data from third-party systems into local databases.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

TDD helps us create more reliable code.  Using this approach, developers first write the tests they are going to carry out before they write the actual code.  It is then quick to identify missing or incorrect code. 

With TDD, we ensure that a system can be enhanced and adapted to incorporate new business features and requirements safely, without breaking existing functionality.

Our Software Development Technology

In addition to the technology we use for web development, we have also got experience in the following technology:

  • Sharepoint 2010
  • ASP.NET MVC (v2, v4 & v5)
  • C#
  • Windows Forms
  • .NET Applications & Services